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Sun Blast Demo for Linux Two of the most feared enemy races joined forces to launch the ultimate attack, known as "Sun Blast". Your mission is to seek and destroy all enemy starships, which are the main threat. Prepare for combat!
Demo, $9.95 | 11, August, 2009
Giochi Online Gratis Script Free Arcade Game Portal Script - new PHP / MYSQL script with many of great features. Great admin panel, professional template, integrated community. Easy to install and ready to use! You can build your own arcade portal in minutes!
Shareware | 1, September, 2008
Babala for Linux Out of some high monastery comes Babala, a simple logical game with elements of move strategy. Muggers are afoot, amid obstacles and booby traps. You get only limited moves and shots each round. 300 expertly-crafted levels, test of wits not reflexes.
Freeware | 16, November, 2011
Game Script Game Script - PHP Game Portal Script. Ever wanted to own a cool flash arcade for your website? With many of great features: great admin panel, professional template, integrated community you will be able to set up your own game portal in minutes.
Freeware | 1, June, 2009
Out of the Park Baseball [Linux] OOTP 13 is an award-winning baseball simulation that offers unparalleled flexibility in creating your own baseball world. Includes online or solo play, real/fictional rosters, historical sims, drafts, trades, scouting, and more! Try the free demo!
Demo, $19.99 | 30, October, 2012
Sudoku Generator (for Linux) Free Sudoku for Linux (KDE/Qt version) generator has 3 levels of difficulties. You may print created Sudoku grid or play on computer screen.
Freeware | 27, March, 2008
Summer Session (Linux) Your cute classmate, your sexy professor, your secret admirer - can you win their hearts?
Shareware, $19.95 | 18, September, 2008
AIT_Trains (Linux) AIT Trains is an action puzzle game with simple rules and 175 levels in two modes. This addictive game with enchanting music and beautiful graphics will glue you to the PC for hours together.
Shareware, $19.95 | 21, November, 2006
Nuts & Scrap (for linux) Nuts & Scrap combines action, platform and a hint of adventure in one game that runs on Windows, Linux and Zeta OS computers.
Demo, $12.45 | 15, November, 2006

10. Pyrism

Pyrism Pyrism the ultimate puzzle strategy Game, Linux Version. Outsmart one to five computer players while attempting to capture hexes on a map
Shareware, $5 | 7, May, 2005

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