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Metasploit Express for Linux 32 bit Metasploit Express enables IT professionals to easily verify whether vulnerabilities are exploitable, prioritize their mitigation and conduct basic penetration testing.
Demo, $3000 | 4, August, 2011
PowerBroker Databases, Monitor & Audit PowerBroker Databases Monitor & Audit helps companies address the threat to data security and compliance posed by un-controlled privileged database users. With PBDB, you can meet compliance & security of your heterogeneous DB environment efficiently.
Demo | 1, August, 2011
PowerBroker Servers Eval Version PowerBroker for Servers empowers system administrators with the ability to delegate privileges and authorization without disclosing the root password on Unix/Linux and Mac OS X platforms.
Demo | 25, January, 2011
yaSSL Embedded Web Server yaSSL is an SSL/TLS Library for programmers building embedded security functionality into their applications and devices. yaSSL employs the dual licensing model, like MySQL, so it is available under GPL and commercial licenses.
Freeware | 27, August, 2010
Avira AntiVir UNIX Professional Avira AntiVir UNIX Professional incorporates different antivirus modules, offering you the possibility to enjoy a virus free protected Linux environment. It displays a wide variety of configuration settings, increasing your computer s security.
Shareware, $36.35 | 16, December, 2009
Avira AntiVir UNIX Server Avira AntiVir UNIX Server is a VB100 % award-winning antivirus solution for file servers with a real-time scanner and multifunctional performance features, designed to ensure complete protection against viruses and unwanted network programs.
Shareware, $372 | 16, December, 2009
Traffic Control Traffic Control brings protocol-layer spam filtering to email receivers of all sizes. Traffic Control combines an ultra efficient multiplexing SMTP proxy with real-time reputation data to prioritize email traffic before it hits the mail server.
Freeware | 19, May, 2008
Zebra VirusCleaner for Linux Zebra VirusCleaner for Linux can not only detect and clean all the known virus, hold hacker-attack back, but also can recover the damaged systems, protect the computer, defend and immunize unknown viruses.
Shareware, $24.95 | 30, November, 2007
DiscoverStation An affordable, worry-free management tool. Includes print control, time-management, privacy protection, web filtering & statistics. A simple, stable and reliable solution for libraries, schools, & any public computing environment.
Shareware, $199 | 13, March, 2007
1-Box Cafe Internet Cafe in a box: Allows ten users to work simultaneously off one computer box by simply connecting extra video cards, monitors, keyboards and mice. This unique, all-in-one, robust computer product is geared towards suppliers in the meetings,
Freeware | 9, December, 2004

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ECMerge Pro (Linux) Review ECMerge compares and merges safely your files and folders, side-by-side or 3-way. It provides syntax colouring for many languages, supports many office and archive formats, pretty prints XML. It generates patch/XML/HTML reports for review or reuse. RSS Feed

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