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Links Book is a reciprocal links management tool.

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1, September 2005
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Links Book is a reciprocal links management tool. Integrate Your Own reciprocal links exchange script in your website and earn popularity on search engine like Google, MSN, Yahoo etc. Links Book is simple yet powerful script for busy webmasters who don't want to waste their time in checking the reciprocal links. Not too many fetures which are not needed for a small to medium website. Seamlessly integrates into your current website design. Members page - Adding url. - Changing url. - Changing Site info. - Changing reciprocal linkback page. - Changing Username and Password Admin page - Password Protected Administration - Changing user profile - Changing site information - Changing user name - Changing user e-mail - Batch Links Checking - Standalone Links Checking Links Book allows you to easily add a well organized, search engine friendly reciprocal links directory to your website to increase your websites search engine rankings, increase your websites link popularity and receive free targeted traffic to your website. In addition to the script, you'll receive an unlimited domain license, unlimited free updates. Installation on your server is also free if needed.

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Apache, PHP, MySQL

Please contact Links Book publisher, BlueSoftWeb if you have questions or issues regarding this product.
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