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27, December 2010
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Product Attribute Pictures (PAPs) is the most versatile product image display solution on the internet. It has dozens of configurable settings covering all aspects of image display including 11 different popup viewers (including 2 zoom options), 9 different Javascript image effects, 4 preset layouts and limitless customized layouts including the replacement of the default store's product image, all configurable in just a few clicks. Automatic gallery generation for selected popup viewers is also supported. Add to this the ability to add watermarks and support swatches as well as allow attribute selection via thumbnails/radio buttons and the display of selected attribute images in the shopping cart page, and you have a product which will give your products the edge over your competitors. Not only that, but PAPs will also dynamically update the product price as different attribute selections are made. Unlimited numbers of attributes are supported per product, and you can even associate images with particular attribute combinations so they show up when the particular combination is selected, using composite images. Composite images allow your customer to view the product as it would look like with the attributes he is currently selecting. Thus a customer can build their product using attributes. Composite images can be created by either automatically merging uploaded images for each associated attribute set, or by uploading a separate image for each possible attribute combination. Attribute images and settings can be bulk copied over to multiple products with one click, and settings profiles can be configured to save time when creating PAPs displays. PAPs dynamically creates 3 different sized images for each uploaded image file - thumbnail, enlarged and popup. Thumbnails can be enlarged by clicking or hovering on them, or by using radio buttons below each one. Full and free support is provided within 24 hours guaranteed. 14 day free trial available.

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