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Contextual Ad Server designed for small and large deployments.

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5, July 2012
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Simply the the most powerful contextual text-ad solution available! Featuring our exclusive Yield Optimization Engine and exclusive Click Definition Service, our proactive defense to click fraud. Coupled with inContext, our contextual ad matching delivery engine and a host of features, you have the ultimate ad serving solution that is not only feature-rich, but scales easily for large deployments! What about click-fraud? Our team has developed a service to combat this issue. As you know, today's fraudsters are becoming more and more advanced in the tactics used to generate invalid clicks. Because of how quickly new threats are discovered, we have developed a proactive approach to defendind your network, our exclusive Click Definition Service. While we cannot go into the exact nature of the definitions, we can say that each definition has been through an extensive review process before being delivered once per hour to your inClick Ad Server. The inClick Ad Server is your content based text-ad solution. Designed based on the feedback of our users, inClick 3 includes features that you, your publishers, and your advertisers need to be successful: Proxy CPC bidding, completely self service, extensive keyword support (broad, phrase, exact, and negative match), content zoning, automatic billing, detailed downloadable reports, and so much more. All these features and more on a platform that is both fast and scalable (a few million ads per day on a shared server). Need advanced integration, we have API's for that. Compare the inClick Ad Server to any other text-ad server and you'll quickly see why so many have selected inClick as their platform of choice. Need to be convinced? Download and install a fully functional copy and try it for 14-days absolutely free, no strings attached. If it isn't the right product for you, tell is why so we can improve it. Have questions? Visit us online or give call us at 800-863-1943.

What's new in current version
Major Release - Introduction of the Yield Optimization Engine

Current web server

Please contact inClick Ad Server - inClick4 publisher, inMotion Group if you have questions or issues regarding this product.
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