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Magican Rest Icon

Magican Rest Full Description

It helps Mac users preset the break time-range before working

Full Description

8, July 2011
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Product Info

Magican Rest is a health-care app, which can rescue people from overworking. It's such a useful tool for you to manage your time. For longtime focusing on work in front of your Mac, you may forget the time and forget to rest. Then you can use Magican Rest to preset the break time range before working. When it works, it will cover your screen with a countdown, and then you can do nothing but leave it as it is, using the time to rest your eyes, to go around, to be with your family or just nap. And don't worry, everything you did will be remains the same once the resting time is over. Still to avoid of sudden emergency, "Pause" is new added to pause the app's count down, then you can deal with emergency in time.

What's new in current version
1. Pause feature are added in menu to pause or resume app's count down. 2. Improved UI

Mac OS X 10.6 or later

Please contact Magican Rest publisher, Magican Software Ltd. if you have questions or issues regarding this product.
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