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MMISoftware writes programs for the Apple Macintosh computer platform. The programs are written using Apple Computer development tools and the Cocoa language (i.e. they run natively and hence use all the advantages of OS X). As a result the programs are only available for the Macintosh and will only run under system OS X. MMISoftware makes a range of products aimed at the general computer users. Our software includes iCalMaker, mailMaker, Power on X, BMI Calculator and Web Photos and the 'One Trick Ponies' (and more are on the way!). The programs are sold as shareware (demo-ware, try-before-you-buy) - that is, you download the program, you try it, and if you like it you buy it! Simple! (See this article for an interesting take on what shareware is!) If you are having any problems with the programs please see either the relevant support section or e-mail In addition, MMISoftware also welcomes feedback and comments ( )The home of MMISofware the makers of Mac OS X native (cocoa) software (shareware and freeware) iCalMaker, PhotoInfoEditor, PhotoGPSEditor, mailMalker, Power on X, BMI calculator (body mass index). 'One Trick Ponies' and Web Photos.
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PhotoGPSEditorCategory:  Graphic Applications
Add and edits meta-data in JPEG/RAW/TIFF files. Photos can be geocoded with latitude and longitude data from GPS (gpx or NMEA) files, as well as descriptions and summary text.

quickWebAlbumCategory:  Web Development
quickWebAlbum creates photograph albums from a folder of JPEG files. Two types of album can be created, one that provides a page of thumbnail images linked to large versions of the pictures, and a second Javascript driven album that automatically changes images to produce a 'slideshow'.

JPEGCleanerCategory:  Network & Internet
JPEGCleaner removes unnecessary data (meta-data, resource forks) from jpeg and gif files. This results in smaller files that are quicker to send by e-mail and require less storage space. The 'cleaned' files can be sent direct to the users default e-mail program (Apple Mail, Eudora, PowerMail, Mailsmith or Entourage)

iCalMakerCategory:  Business & Finance
iCalMaker is a text based appointment creation tool for use with iCal or to create appointment files.

mailMakerCategory:  Communications
mailMaker is a personalized mass email generator

Power on XCategory:  Education
Power on X is a Mac OS X native (cocoa) program for the calculation of statistical power. The program can perform calculations of required sample size to achieve a desired power, and calculations of power for previously run studies/experiments. In addition, the paid version can generate power/sample size tables.

Web PhotosCategory:  Web Development
Create web/CD-based photo albums/image libraries

BMI CalculatorCategory:  Home & Hobbies
Your body mass index (BMI) can be a general indicator of your general health. This calculator, which is written in Cocoa and therefore Mac OS X native, will take imperial and metric heights and weights and calculate your BMI.