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Recovery program for Mac revives missing video files even from ruined hard disks

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12, November 2011
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Highly interactive data revival application is broadly utilized in offices, colleges or schools and countless organizations to retrieve vanished data. Recover for Mac software is fully capable to bring back compressed and encrypted file and folders. Recovery for Macintosh OS X program is developed to regain absent data in several data loss events which includes deleted data using Shift + Del keys, software or hardware malfunctioning, improper device handling, virus or worm contaminations, data deleted through recycle bin folder, bad sector in disk, data loss on disk format or reformat and similar other data loss origins. Easy to use Macintosh based recovery tool salvages accidentally deleted crucial office data, terrific photographs and important files all the way through spoiled hard disk drive or any type of removable media device. Apple Mac OS X based data revival software restores lost files from hard disk drives, secure digital cards, micro drive, thumb drives, key drives, memory stick pro, smart media, memory sticks, memory stick duo, mobile phone memory cards, jump drives, pen drives, multimedia cards etc. Reliable recovery application for Mac supports to entire foremost company for example Samsung, Seagate, Hitachi, Kingston, Toshiba, Transcend, Canon, Sony, Western digital, Nikon, SanDisk and more. Features:- * Reliable revival application for Mac uses few advanced/standard search algorithms for bringing back misplaced data through USB or hard disk drives. * Highly interactive Macintosh based recovery program offers user friendly GUI therefore novice user also operate the software very smoothly. * Easy to operate recovery utility for Macintosh sustains exclusive characteristic to preview anticipated data earlier than the real retrieval of file. * Innovative Macintosh OS based recovery software does not necessitate installing additional software/hardware to salvage lost records.

What's new in current version
Added support to recover compressed or encrypted files on Mac

256 MB RAM, 10 MB Disk Space for installation

Please contact Recover for Mac publisher, Digital camera unerase if you have questions or issues regarding this product.
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