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CrossUI RAD Desktop - OSX32 CroosUI RAD Tools enables developers to rapidly develop and package the exactly same code and UI into Web Apps, Native Desktop Apps as well as Mobile Apps
Shareware, $199 | 20, April, 2014
Code128 Decoder SDK/IPhone Code 128 decoder library deciphers Code 39 barcode can be used from standard C .
Shareware, $1299 | 4, October, 2011
Code93 Decoder SDK/Android Code 93 decoder library deciphers Code 93 barcode can be used from standard C .
Shareware, $125 | 4, October, 2011
UPC Decoder SDK/IPhone UPC decoder library deciphers UPC-A UPC-E barcode can be used from standard C .
Shareware, $1299 | 4, October, 2011
ISBN Decoder SDK/IPhone ISBN decoder library deciphers ISBN barcode can be used from standard C .
Shareware, $1299 | 4, October, 2011
Flash'In'App Flash'in'App is a Cocoa framework which lets you implement Flash Player component in your application in a few clicks with just writing a few lines of code! Play, stop, rewind and forward SWF file right within your application!
Shareware, $399.95 | 19, July, 2011
QuickUML MacOSX QuickUML is a software design tool that tightly integrates a core set of UML models with code generation. A project is presented through a tabbed window of use cases, class models, object models, dictionary and code and saved as an XML file.
Demo, $195 | 25, May, 2011
QuickHelp MacOSX QuickHelp is a help authoring and deployment tool for Windows XP, Vista and Mac OS X (PPC and Intel).
Demo, $295 | 25, May, 2011
QuickCRC MacOSX QuickCRC is a tool for responsibility driven design of object-oriented software using CRC cards.
Demo, $295 | 25, May, 2011
iota-calc An all purpose scientific calculator, designed with programmers in mind.- Supports a rich expression format, which is in most cases identical to what you would type in your programming language. - Built-in debugger.- Many more features.
Shareware, $19.95 | 17, January, 2011

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Wondershare DVD Copy for Mac Review Wondershare DVD Copy for Mac can copy protected DVD's and reproduce a new DVD, it can also remove the DVD protections, such as: CSS, RC, RCE. RSS Feed

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