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MacKeeper is like 911 for your Mac.

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17, May 2012
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MacKeeper is like 911 for your Mac. It's an easy way to manage routine tasks and keep your Mac secured, clean, reliable, fast and attended! Both beginners and experts will be comfortable with MacKeeper. Its simple and intuitive interface will allow beginners to benefit from all of its advanced features. Expert users will take advantage of MacKeeper as well by experimenting with its numerous flexible preferences. So what can MacKeeper do? Its clean-up utilities free up a significant amount of space on your hard drive, doing this quickly and efficiently. As for standalone tools, they take care of your Mac by hiding and encrypting your private files, completely removing the uninstalled apps, recovering accidentally deleted files even if they were removed from the Trash, and more. And finally, MacKeeper's exclusive online services will help you get answers to any Mac-related questions and even track down your Mac in case it gets stolen. As you see, MacKeeper combines lots of useful features for your Mac in one app. With MacKeeper you will never have to worry about lack of disk space, slow system performance, accidental file loss, security breaches, etc. And if you have any questions, our experts will be glad to answer them 24/7!

What's new in current version
-Safe Browsing can be enabled and disabled from the MacKeeper menu. -Possibility to add items to Login Items, Backup, Data Encryptor, Duplicates Finder, Files Finder, and Shredder using the CMD key. -Possibility to customize columns of the results list in Duplicates Finder and Files Finder.

Please contact MacKeeper publisher, ZeoBIT LLC if you have questions or issues regarding this product.
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