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Cuckoo Clock Your mobile device will cuckoo out loud every hour - like an old wall clock! (Category: Desktop::Clocks & Alarms)
Freeware | 29, August, 2008
NiceAlarm Mobile alarms or phone alarms are getting indispensable and convenient in our life. NiceAlarm is a perfect example helping to awake in the morning or/and corresponding sound selection and alarm text massage remind you about important events.
Shareware, $10.95 | 9, October, 2009
AutoThemes Personalize your mobile! Change your Nokia themes automatically due to your personal schedule or active profile. You can change themes as often as you want. You should just set everything correct.
Shareware, $9.99 | 6, July, 2009
Niceclock S60 for Symbian v7,8 NiceClock - stylish gear for your Time! Completely new clockwork with skinable Screensaver, Voice informer, Keyboard locker, advanced Alarm and Organizer.
Shareware, $14.95 | 27, June, 2006
Butterfly Themes Load color themes for the system or for each application separately. (Category: Desktop::Themes & Wallpaper)
Freeware | 5, May, 2009
TUTU Animated Screen TUTU Animated Screen introduces animated home screen and brand new phone menu for Windows Mobile 5 and 6-powered PPCs. With the animations and the rearrangement of menu, it greatly improves standard PPC UIs. Two themes are included in the package.
Shareware, $9.99 | 3, June, 2008
Animated Weather Widget View the weather forecast in style using Animated Weather for Android. Perhaps the best Android weather widget out there, it provides beautiful 3D scenes displaying weather conditions. Forecasts are reliable and are offered in almost any location.
Freeware | 12, November, 2010
ThemeArt ThemeArt's function is to create, preview, edit, and in general, manage pocket themes right on Windows Mobile Pocket PC device, without a need to download any additional applications. ThemeArt supports all Windows Mobile resolutions and orientations
Shareware, $14.95 | 17, December, 2009
PalmaryClock for Treo Palmary Clock is a customizable alarm clock, with integrated stopwatch, world time, and many other features.
Shareware, $14.95 | 24, July, 2007
WeekUp Alarm Clock Have a weekly schedule? Set alarms once - always wake up on time! (Category: Desktop::Clocks & Alarms)
Freeware | 31, March, 2009

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