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7, July 2006
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Softick Blue Files provides wireless file exchange over Bluetooth link for Palm OS handhelds. Don't you want Card Export II for Bluetooth? Here it is, we call it Softick Blue Files. Just launch Softick Blue Files application and browse your cards and memory from any Bluetooth FTP Client! Now you can manage files at your Palm Powered device from any desktop computer, using Bluetooth software shipped with your Bluetooth dongle or operating system. Softick Blue Files is a Bluetooth File Exchange server which implements standard Bluetooth OBEX File Transfer profile. You can transfer files to the device or backup files to the desktop. Your handheld can transfer files wirelessly, so you need no cables and no other equipment.

Requires Palm OS 5.0 or better

Please contact Softick Blue Files publisher, Softick if you have questions or issues regarding this product.
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