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Released on: 28, July 2006
, Author: D. Thompson
, Audience: Computers related

Two Point Enterprise dba ATXPowerSupplies.comPO Box 131Haughton LA 318.272.0951sales@atxpowersu pplies.comPRESS RELEASEFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEContact: D. ThompsonPhone: 318.292.0951Email: sales@atxpowersupplies.comAT Integrates Electronic Power Supply Cross ReferenceHaughton, LA. May 27, 2006 - Two Point Enterprise dba hascompleted a six month project building an electronic power supply cross referenceengine. This method of matching oem power supplies with compatible replacements isbelieved to be the first of its kind.Unlike most that involve charts or lists, the power supply cross reference allows the user to input manufacturer information such as make,model, and/or part number. The website searches a database and makes a suggestionbased on the aforementioned input. The url ishttp://www.atxpowersupplies .com/power-supply-cross-refere nce.phpTwo Point Enterprise is a Haughton, Louisiana based internet technology companyoffering a full range of technical services including web hosting, database-drivendynamic web design, search engine optimization, custom code programming, graphicdesign, and consignment services. Two Point Enterprise owns and operates severalinternet ecommerce sites. For further information contact D. Thompson at318.272.0951 or ##
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