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Released on: 7, June 2006
, Author: Wheatworks Software, LLC
, Audience: Software related

Add MoneyToys(tm) Financial Calculators to Your Web SiteWheatworks Software, LLC has updated MoneyToys(tm), a suite of financial calculatorswhich you can quickly and easily add to your web site. With a few lines of HTML andMoneyToys you can install online financial calculators so visitors can do theirfinancial math without leaving your site.Each calculator can be configured to match your website s color scheme. You can alsoconfigure the MoneyToys default values to meet the needs of your market. Forexample, whether a typical loan in your market is $150,000 or $500,000 you caneasily set the initial values you want your visitors to see.Installation is simple! If you ve ever created a web page, you have the skillsrequired to install MoneyToys. Simple 5 step instructions and sample web pages areincluded with each calculator.The MoneyToys collection includes a Home Seller s Proceeds Calculator, an APRCalculator, a Pay Down Debt or Invest Calculator, a Loan Spread Calculator, aRefinancing Calculator, a Buyer s Cash Requirements Calculator, a Simple LoanCalculator, a Future Value of Savings Calculator, a Loan Comparison Calculator, aDiscounted Cash Flows Calculator and a Rent vs. Buy Calculator.MoneyToys allow you to easily add helpful, interactive content to help your web sitestand out and give visitors reasons to return.Purchase individual MoneyToys calculators for $39.95 or buy the entire MoneyToyscollection for only $139.95 at These are one-time fees.MoneyToys require no annual or traffic-based fees!Try the entire collection of MoneyToys at For moreinformation, contact Wheatworks Software, LLC, Post Office Box 7, Ruston, LA 71273.About Wheatworks Software, LLCSince 1997, Wheatworks Software, LLC has created innovative financial calculatorsfor consumers, professionals and companies in the real estate and financial servicesindustries.CONTACT INFORMATION:Rick WheatWheatworks Software, LLC # # #
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