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Released on: 25, October 2006
, Author: Kathy Le
, Audience: Software related

(October 26, 2006)- (aka) Avnex Ltd, leadingprovider of audio/video software, has announced their new Incentive Program forAudio4fun Affiliates, entitled Countdown to Cash. This innovative program enableswebsite owners to earn monthly bonuses, based on sales revenue.Besides the current 50% commission the company currently offers, the new IncentiveProgram will allow affiliates to earn a 5% bonus for monthly gross sales over $500,and 10% bonus for monthly gross sales over $1,000. More information is available at: ffiliate.htm The program is initiated as a reward to all contemporary affiliates as well asready-to-join affiliates who wish to increase their profits. We believe that withthis new, tiered commission schedule, affiliates will multiply their earnings in avery short time, said Helen Le, Sales & Marketing Manager of Avnex Ltd. With a wide range of great products including Voice Changer Software, MusicMorpher, Movie Morpher and Webcam Morpher, Audio4fun s affiliates get even moreopportunities to boost their sales revenue , added Helen.As one of the best providers in audio video software industry, Audio4fun productsare widely welcomed by online chatters, DJs, pro bloggers, music enthusiasts, andvideo aficionados who want professional editing tools and high-end results.About AVnex Ltd.:Over years of development, AVnex Ltd. has been promoting audio and video softwaretechnologies and specializing in three core areas: Audio and Video MorphingAlgorithms, Audio and Video Stream Interception, Audio and Video Real TimeEffecting. The wide range of products of AVnex Ltd. is detailed at
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