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Released on: 25, March 2008
, Author: Amplusnet
, Audience: Software related

To browse the web completely anonymous, deleting your entire online tracks and hiding your IP address, Amplusnet has improved its online privacy solution Invisible Browsing 6.7.

The new version comes with a new and improved proxy list for better anonymity and privacy. The software suits both less experienced or advanced pc users. As the proxies quality differ, you can select specific proxies from the list or even import others and test them in advance to be sure that works properly and the speed of your connection is not slowed done. Through this features you are adapting the proxy list to be perfectly compatible with the geographical location. Even more, choosing the right proxies you can get an increased connection speed than the one you usually have.

More than just hiding your IP, Invisible Browsing can be set to periodically clean up you online tracks like browser cookies, temporary internet files and internet URL history. If you think this is not enough than find out that the application can also block potentially harmful and invasive codes like ActiveX and JavaScript.

All this features really make from Invisible Browsing 6.7 build a powerful tool in fight against internet predators, thefts and spammers. Protect your work, your private information and details installing Invisible Browsing from

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