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Released on: 9, March 2006
, Author: PRHUB
, Audience: Internet related

alore, March 09, 2005: BNA Technology Consulting, a leadingapplication services provider (ASP) of Internet enabled solutions assistingenterprises in leveraging their networked systems today unveiled a new web-basedtool that for the first time integrates real-time online interaction with live agentsupport. Called LivServ , the new tool would be a boon to small and mediumbusinesses that own and run websites. Indigenously developed by the company s R&Dteam, the new tool marks a significant move forward over existing solutions in themarket, which is based on licenses and has the crucial human touch missing. Thisunique new tool can be customized as per the clients requirements and is availableas a limited time per use model with dedicated agents to support. The agents can beused for either lead generation or extended agent services and they can be deployed24/7 or in shifts. BNA has a 50-seater BPO unit with professionally trained andqualified agents already operational to support the tool. As the Indian online space evolves and the traffic spurts, it is imperative forcompanies to know who is visiting their website, engage them in a manner that ismutually beneficial and try to elevate every visitor to a customer. This ability hasenormous implications for SME enterprises as it allows them to optimize theinvestments already made on their websites, and increase their visitor to customerconversion ratio , said Ranganathan, MD, BNA Technology Consulting Limited, adding, The failure of many of the technology-based models is singularly due to the lackof human support integrated into the product. Without the one-on-one support, thewhole process is incomplete and lacks the ability to deliver results that onlinebusiness owners expect and need to adopt the products. Livserv is being offered inthe form of a service to obviate the need for any additional investments, fulfillsthat need on a pay per use model. BNA already provides the above service to one ofthe largest financial services institutions in the Country along with a number ofclients in hospitality and service apartment segment and we hope to sign-up at least100 new customers in 3 months. When dealing on the internet, human interaction can go a very long way and due tothe anonymity of the web, customers tend to trust sites that offer live support andprovides answers to the questions that a buyer might have on the products, services,etc offered in the site. Embedded into the client s website, the livserv instantlypops-up on the screen as a visitor opens the site greeting the visitor and providesreal-time customer support and visitor communication directly from the client s website. Unlike other sites where the visitor is required to click a button to initiatea chat or mail and wait for feedback from the support team, livserv just pops-up andvirtually greets the visitor just as a staff would greet a visitor who walks into ashop. The product enhances the client s web presence by providing cost effectivelive chat and real-time site monitoring service and individual attention to thecustomers. This unique service would be beneficial to diverse online businesses andvery specifically SME ones. The USP of LivServ " is that, unlike other vendors who just sell the softwarepackage or license it where the agent has to be engaged by the client, the newservice from BNA offers an integrated solution with live agent support packaged intoit. This obviates the need for a client to buy a product license and invest furtheron training agents, and deploying them on the same. For more information on theservice, please visit http://www.livserv.comFounded in 1989, BNA Technology Consulting Ltd, who is a pioneer in SystemIntegration and networking business in the Country, is also a leading applicationservices provider (ASP) of Internet enabled solutions, assisting enterprises inleveraging their networked systems. BNA is a pioneer in implementing the Networkingand IT based solutions in India. The company is headquartered in Bangalore and hasits branches spread across in Chennai, Cochin and Pondicherry with associate officesin Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Singapore. More details can be had fromhttp://www.bnaindia.comF or editorial queries only contact D Prakruthi Nidhi of PRHUB@ 22998141/ 3
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