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Released on: 30, May 2006
, Author: moove Bongartz-Dr.Kozan GbR
, Audience: Software related

moove online world is the realization of a simple vision: "Empower everyone to freely create and shape her very own virtual (but not abstract)habitat; and then connect them to create a living, evolving community ". This vision subsumes several insights, gained through personal experience andinformal interviews with people belonging to disparate social groups and cultures.For example, the abstractness of an environment (e.g. text based) simplifies thetechnical realization, but may erect a barrier for users who do not come out of atechnical/mathematical culture. In the same sense, equating the community with acentral "server " may seem to be a natural technical solution. But this kind ofcentralization inevitably leads to coercive rules, which may severely restrict theinhabitants in their rights to freely determine their own environment. The technical realization closely follows this blueprint: - To combat the abstractness barrier, moove online uses full 3D graphics. Every userhas a realistic avatar, every place is a real "room " and data files, etc. are realobjects.- To follow the rule of empowerment, the 3D environment is fully editable bynon-technical users. Simple drag&drop operations and menu choices allow thecustomization of places and avatars.- The freedom principle is fulfilled by giving every user the ownership of her ownenvironment. The users create and operate any number of "rooms " on their ownpersonal computers. In other words, the virtual presence architecture is apeer-to-peer one.- The connections between the users are handled centrally by a server. This "Community Server " is responsible for all the tasks which are necessary to maintaina vital community: Virtual visits, emails, instant messaging, profile pages, "buddylists ", etc.Objectives "Empower everyone to freely create and shape her very own virtual (but not abstract)habitat; and then connect them to create a living, evolving community "Language and contextInternational, multiculturalProject Historymoove online world is successfully operational since January 1999.PeopleThe project is realized and operated by moove, a privately owned enterpriseTechnological basisClient: Peer-to-peer-networking, Software and Hardware-based 3D rendering,integrated scripting language, Win32 based.Server: MS Internet Information Server, ISAPI-based custom application server, MSSQL Server.Usersmoove online world is not restricted to any specific group of users.Statement of Reasons moove online world is a very unique environment combining the freedom ofpeer-to-peer architecture, the connectivity of a community server and realism of arealistic 3D environment. As proven by many years of full deployment, it is a verypowerful social tool for every social group or interest.
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