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Released on: 9, December 2015
, Author: Susan J. Lain
, Audience: Internet related

ClashFarmer is a Clash of Clans farming bot that helps players earn millions of gold and elixir every day, without having to waste their time harvesting it themselves. This game has become very popular in the past few years as more and more gamers enjoy the thrill it gives you and the fact that you can access it from many platforms and basically play anywhere and anytime you want. The problem with this game is that it required players to invest a lot of time and many people simply do not have enough time to play as much as they would like. This is where ClashFarmer can help, as this bot will essentially perform all those tasks that you don t want to do and allow you to focus on strategizing and winning Clan Wars, which are the most exciting part of this game.

This free auto clash software was designed by a team of people passionate about gaming who want to share their passion for this game with others and help them become highly successful at it. ClashFarmer has many customizable features and works best for those who have advanced to Town Hall 7 and above, so you will have to do a little work on your own, before using the product. However, once your get to Town Hall 7, this bot will make your life much easier and allow you to focus on the parts of this game that you love the most. This software is supported by Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. Those who play from their Android phone will need to install BlueStacks Android emulator to be able to use it properly. After installing the software on your computer , you will see how much it improves your overall gaming experience. The good news is that Mac users will soon be able to use ClashFarmer too, because this team is working at developing a new version for this operating system! This revolutionary version will include one of the best background mode features on today s botting market.

ClashFarmer will revolutionize the way you play your favorite game and will allow you to have that much more fun during Clan wars, because you will never have to click for hours in order to gather gold and elixir. In fact, this auto bot COC promises to gather as much as 20 million gold and elixir in just one day, so you will have all the resources needed to advance further and further in the game. This products uses new and exclusive stealth technology that guarantees users will never get banned from the game. Many players tend to be reluctant at first because they are afraid they might be banned, but with ClashFarmer advanced technology COC players can be sure that their account will always stay safe. You can always count on ClashFarmer team to offer you the perfect Clash of Clans bots to be successful in this game and this bot will really bring in the results you are expecting.

For more information about Clash of Clans bots please visit or use the contact details below:

Contact Name: Susan J. Lain
Company name: ClashFarmer
Exact Address: 2820 Candlelight Drive, Houston, TX 77014
Phone no: 281-397-3215
Email address:

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