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Released on: 23, March 2006
, Author: Blue Pacific Software
, Audience: Software related

Blue Pacific Software announced today Turbine Video EncoderVersion 2.0. TVE 2 publishes video to the web. More than converting video to theuniversal Flash format, TVE 2 can bring magic into video with beautiful andsophisticated Flash video players, stunning visual FX, useful captioning and audiomixing capabilities.Turbine Video Encoder 2 includes the following features: * Beautiful and Fully-Customizable Players: Enhance your video with a wealth ofprofessionally designed and fully customizable Video Players. * Includes a Wide Range of Visual Effects: Inject new life into your video byusing the more than 65 included FreeFrame Visual Effects. * Avoid Codec Hell: By publishing to Flash Video format, over 98% of internetusers will be able to see your video in their web browsers: codec hell is a thingof the past. * Titles and Subtitles: Add text captions like titles and subtitles to createenhanced video experiences. * Place a Logo or Watermark over your Video: A solid or transparent image can beplaced over the video for watermarking, media branding or other purposes. * Audio Recording: Record and mix your voice comments into the encoded video. Ormix-in an external audio file. * Power with Simplicity: Publishing your video can be done in three simple steps.And more advanced users can customize other delicate aspects of the audio andvideo encoding. * Easy to Use Friendly Video Timeline: Browse source video and select the encodinginterval in an easy-to-use Timeline interface. Player customizations can beinteractively previewed. * Video Cropping: Use cropping to define the video area which is really importantto display. * Batch Encoding: Automatically convert several videos in an easy to use batch mode. * Convert Video and Audio from Virtually any Format: All the common video andaudio formats are accepted by TVE2: Windows Media (AVI, WMV, ASF, WMA, WAV, usingany AVI/WM codecs like DIVX, XDIV, etc.); QuickTime (MOV, QT, DV, AAC, AIF/AIFF,using any QuickTime codecs); MPEG (MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, MP3); Mobile phoneformats (3GP, 3G2). * State of the Art Encoding Methods: Besides CBR (Constant Bit Rate), TVE 2 alsosupports VBR (Variable Bit Rate, 1 and 2 pass) video encoding and thecrystal-clear Constant Quality encoding. * FLV and SWF Flash Formats: Create FLV Flash Video which can be played in theFlash Player, streamed through Adobe-Macromedia s Flash Media Server, or importedinto the Flash authoring tool. For maximum compatibility TVE 2 also creates Flash6+ files in SWF format. * Advanced Motion Estimation: TVE 2 uses optimized Motion Estimation techniques toimprove video quality and compression. * Full Control over Video Parameters and Quality: TVE includes useful videodeinterlace, video noise reduction and deblocking operations as well as videofiltering: brightness, contrast, gamma, white and black restore, etc. * Video Frame Export to Image: Capture any video frame and save it for use asthumbnail or video preview. * Generates the HTML Page with Flash Plug-in: Saves an HTML page displaying theFlash video player, ready to upload to your web site!AvailabilityMore information about Turbine Video Encoder 2, including a fully-featuredevaluation version is available at: m/products/turbinevideoAbout Blue Pacific SoftwareBlue Pacific Software creates innovative technology that allows customers tocommunicate in new compelling ways, made possible by the power of Rich Media. Frompowerful Web server tools like the Turbine product range for dynamic Flashgeneration, to desktop tools like Rich Chart Builder and Turbine Video Encoder, BluePacific prides itself on staying at the cutting edge of Rich Media technology.Headquartered in Lisbon, Portugal, Blue Pacific is available on the Internet .
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