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Released on: 31, December 1969
, Author: Ourpatch: Regional Australia Guide
, Audience: Internet related

Despite 62.2% of Australians living in regional areas believingthe cost of living is greater in rural areas than in the city, nearly 70% say theyprefer to remain in the country than move to the big smoke, according to a study, -Ourpatch: Regional AustraliaOnline Australia s most innovative community web site. Although people believe they suffer increased prices for petrol (91%), groceries(85.7%), clothing (49.7%), fresh produce (47.2%), and alcohol (31.7%) the allure ofcountry living is so strong that it more than compensates for their perceived highercost of living.Mr Simon van Wyk, Director of, says that definitely,certain itemsare more expensive in the country, however the big ticket items, like housing, iscertainly more affordable than in the city. Interestingly despite the perception of higher costs nearly 90% of people feel thatthe country is a better environment in which to live and raise their childrenbecause of the close knit community. In an age of fragmentation you can still find awonderful sense of community in regional Australia, van Wyk concluded.For more information or for an interview with Simon van Wyk please contactFleur Peters at Markson Sparks Publicity on 02 9775 7000
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