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Released on: 31, December 1969
, Author: Emina Sahovic
, Audience: Internet related

The peaceful Christmas period is characterised in particular asbeing a time for families. The festive season is one to be spent with our nearestand dearest, to enjoy being together and exchanging presents. But what about ourfellow human beings who aren t so lucky? At this, the nicest but also coldest andmost merciless time of year, spare a thought for those whom life isn t treating sowell.Questico, and its psychic advisors, know only too well what a different time somepeople are having especially at this time of year. When Christmas comes around theyare particularly concerned to give those seeking advice a helping hand into the NewYear. The most frequently asked questions are the ones about the future: Will Ihave anyone to kiss under the mistletoe? or Will my family be happy? Will Imake new career moves? Such questions are generally put to our psychic mediums,experts in clairvoyance at ce/clairvoyance.htm, cardreading at ce/card-reading.htm and astrology at dvice/astrology.htm. There are also advisors who offertheir consultations free of charge advice of free esoterics on dvice/free-esoterics.htm at any time. Questico makes itpossible for anyone who needs help and guidance to find it on its platform.Together with our advisors, Questico is taking part in a charity by donating to someprojects. One of these is Pathway to Spirit. This project has lots of usefulinformation on the subject of spirituality on the homepage. Pathway to Spirit runsworkshops on spirituality, too. Workshops may be run for other people to raisefunds for their church, otherwise we will donate 50% of all net profit fromworkshops to a local children 's hospice , say Joan Hughes and Gay Clarke, theprojects co-founders. This makes the project of interest to Questico, too. Becauseby taking part in one of these workshops, you not only do something for yourself toalleviate the pre-Christmas stress, you also support a charitable Christmas? The spirit of Christmas means that everyone who can afford to should take part in acharitable cause. Questico is doing just this: our advisors are available via ourQuestico internet portal even over the Christmas period for anyone in need of helpand guidance. The first call is always free of charge. A very Merry Christmas fromall of us at Questico. On Questico:Questico GB Ltd is the leading UK address for advice through astrology, horoscope,tarot and other card readings. The leading esoteric portal advisors on issues about life, love, career and luck; they are availablefor guidance around the clock.
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