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Released on: 31, December 1969
, Author: Sandra Reinfeld
, Audience: Internet related

The fashion interested internet onlooker can find aspects,insights and facts about the topics accessories, baby fashion, children s fashion,ladies fashion, designer fashion, evening dresses, men s clothes, clothes ingeneral, fashion catalog, fashion shop and sports fashion at However, due to the clarity of the texts one cannotcomment the articles. The category others is a true treasure trove for interestinginformation that treat the normally rather close fashion topic a bit more casual.For example, you can read there that diamonds are not only girls best friends andthe ladies favorite jewel, but that they are also used for complex manufacturing ofrobes as glittering accessory. Such cultivated and richly decorated textiles areliterally a wearable luxury of timeless elegance and constant value. But also everyday topics around the pleasing outside appearance are discussed in an exciting way. How to get shot of unwanted body hair permanently?What does the bride wear under her dress? How to find one s way in all those unclearfashion catalogues? The manifold texts at entertain, inform anddisucss. And you may also find a funny inspiration for creating one s very ownfashion catalogue in form of a picture book. That is how the domestic floor towardsthe wardrope turns into a catwalk.
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