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Released on: 10, February 2007
, Author: Rhonda Peterson
, Audience: Internet related

The Automated Sales System(Coastal Vacations) has taken theCoastal Vacations opportunity to new levels and is now helping people earn hundredsof thousands of dollars that have never seen major success with Coastal VacationsBusiness Opportunity or any other business opportunity before. Now anyone can plug into this simple business and have the potential to make $1000,$3200, $9700 or more daily all while doing no prospecting, follow-up, answering anyquestions, or closing any sales. For many it sure beats a franchise opportunity asyou can make the same high level of income without the major hassles or investment.It truly is an innovative home business model. Here is briefly how the system works... prospects will visit your system website andthe ones that request more information will be taken on a automated tour of thebusiness, presented an incredible 3 minute movie, and given additional informationabout the product...etc. People interested in the product or system at that point will then request a callback to talk with one of the Professional Marketing Assistants (PMA 's) that work foryou and will answer your prospects questions, follow up with them, and help yourprospect with their product purchase or get started in the business if they areready. You then get paid $1,000-$9700 when a sale is made for you each and everytime. The Automated Sales System(Coastal Vacations) has been nothing short of amazing forits members and now has been enhanced even more. The system now employs the use of aweekly online web conference presentation. The best part is the system even invitesthese prospects to the conference on behalf of the members. The Automated Sales System is continually developing and improving its alreadyincredibly effective system to make its members the most money possible with theleast amount of work. Simply take the tour today and see why Cold Calling is a thingof the past. For more information go to http://www.getfreedomathome2.c om/Rhonda Peterson who is a full time internet entrepreneur will help you with yourvacation package today. She has a passion to help others succeed with their ownautomated sales/marketing home business. 757-229-0913
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