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Released on: 5, August 2006
, Author: Camelot Marketing
, Audience: Computers related

Radio talk show, Computer America ranked as the number onepodcast in the New York Times rankings as supplied by " is designed to find and promote "Only The Best Podcast " on thenet, taking Audio Quality and the value of the content into consideration, " statesCraig Crossman, host of Computer America and syndicated newspaper columnist. "As each and every podcast is reviewed one at a time for quality, and only the handselected are listed, we are flattered to be at the top of the list. " "We are facing stiff competition in the rankings up against notable podcasts such asthe ESPN, NBC Nightly News, and Meet The Press. "You can have the audio archives of our show automatically downloaded to yourcomputer, as well as to your mp3 player every week day! Just click on the "Podcast "button on our archives page for the special XML page you 'll need for your Podcastsoftware.Or use your copy of Apple 's iTunes to subscribe to the Computer America Podcast.Using iTunes, go to the iTunes Podcast page from Apple 's Music Store. You can eithersearch for "Computer America " or find us via their program listings. We 're listedalphabetically under the "Talk Radio " category, as well as the "Technology/Computers " category. "This recognition from is very timely as we have just started our15th broadcast season, " concludes Crossman. About Craig CrossmanCraig Crossman is a McClatchy-Tribune Newspapers columnist writing about computersand technology. He also hosts the nation 's longest running nationally syndicatedradio talk show on computers and technology, Computer America, heard on the BusinessTalk Radio network weeknights at 10PM ET. In South Florida, you can hear arebroadcast of a selected Computer America show each Sunday evening at 8PM ET onWJNO 1290AMFor more information please go to
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