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Released on: 29, November 2005
, Author: Berube Consulting
, Audience: Computers related

Pembroke, NH - Small businesses are missing out. "eBay andGoogle use custom software extensively, " says David Berube, technology consultant, "as do most Fortune 500 companies. But small businesses don 't. " His company, BerubeConsulting, is offering a free kit that explains software issues to small businessowners "It shows how businesses can choose a developer, how much it should cost, andhow they can avoid being scammed, " says David Berube, the firm 's proprietor. Berube,a seasoned software developer and technology writer, tells the issues from an insideperspective. His kit offers a concise, detailed guide to custom software for smallto medium sized businesses.For a business owner, the kit explains: 1. What is custom software? 2. How do I pick a software developer? 3. What can I expect from a software project? 4. When does software development costs too much? 5. How do I save money on software projects? 6. What warning signs should I watch for? 6. Plus, tips for dealing with developersThe kit provides detailed information on software and software developers. Forexample, it warns of inexperienced developers, who 'll send proposals after a tenminute conversation. "They can 't assess your situation that quickly - they aretrying to provide a 'one-size-fits-all ' package, " says Berube. Professional softwaredevelopers will not provide you with answers, proposals, or fees until they knowenough about your business to have an informed opinion. "Unless a developer iswilling to spend enough time to really know what your problem is, stay away, " warnsBerube.To request the kit, send $2 shipping and handling to Software Kit, BerubeConsulting, P.O. Box 237, Suncook, NH 03275.If you 'd like more information, or to schedule an interview, please contact DavidBerube directly at (603)-485-9622, or via email at Berube is a self employed software developer, writer, and speaker. His clientlist spans the globe, from California to London, and his software has been used byeveryone from salvage motorcyle dealers to Ivy League colleges. His website isavailable at ###
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