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Released on: 21, February 2011
, Author: Aspose
, Audience: Software related

What's New in this Release?

The long awaited version of Aspose.Pdf for Java 2.8.0 has been released. This release includes some new remarkable and improved features like support of PCL files to PDF conversion. PCL (Printer Command Language) is a Hewlett-Packard printer language has developed to access standard printer features. In current version of Aspose.Pdf for Java you will be able to convert PCL5 files containing text, raster and vector graphics to PDF documents. Numerous issues regarding HTML to PDF conversion have been fixed in this release. Moreover, the product has also become more viable for displaying ASCII and non-English text inside PDF document. Below is the list of main new and improved features added in this release.

PCL files to PDF conversion
Issues resolved while displaying ASCII characters in PDF
Multiple columns is now supported
MarginBottom property for Image is now working in XML to PDF conversion
Enhanced Html to PDF conversion
HTML to PDF, Spaces and V-Align issues resolved
Bmp image now supported
Convert PCL5 files containing text, raster and vector graphics to PDF
Vertical Alignment of Text is now working properly
Table Alignment issues is resolved.
Data of inner list items is not displaying when using nested "UL" tags
Hebrew text is displaying in correct order now
Multiline hyperlinks issue resolved.

Other most recent bug fixes are also included in this release.

Newly added documentation pages and articles

Some new tips and articles have now been added into Aspose.Pdf for Java documentation that may guide you briefly how to use Aspose.Pdf for performing different tasks like the followings.

- Set Border Style, Margins and Padding of the Table:

- Set Page Transition Effect for PDF document:

Overview: Aspose.Pdf for Java

Aspose.Pdf is a Java PDF component to create PDF documents without using Adobe Acrobat. It supports Floating box, PDF form field, PDF attachments, security, Foot note & end note, Multiple columns document, Table of Contents, List of Tables, Nested tables, Rich text format, images, hyperlinks, JavaScript, annotation, bookmarks, headers, footers and many more. Now you can create PDF by API, XML and XSL-FO files. It also enables you to converting HTML, XSL-FO and Excel files into PDF.

More about Aspose.Pdf for Java

-Homepage of Aspose.Pdf for Java:

- Download Aspose.Pdf for Java at:

- Read online documentation of Aspose.Pdf for Java at:

- Post your technical questions/queries to Aspose.Pdf for Java Forum:

- Receive notifications about latest news and supported features by subscribing to Aspose.Pdf for Java blog at:

Contact Information
Aspose Pty Ltd
Suite 163, 79 Longueville Road
Lane Cove, NSW, 2066
Phone: 888.277.6734
Fax: 866.810.9465l

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