DTM soft releases DTM Data Modeler, a new CASE tool for database design

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Released on: 2, December 2005
, Author: DTM soft
, Audience: Software related

Data Modeler is a tool for visual database design. Databasedesign is one of the most important stages in the process of developing and maintaining a database. A well designed database structureensures reliability and high performance for business applications. DTM Data Modeler helps developers tocreate a new data model as well as perform reverse engineering for an existing database. The program canretrieve information not only about tables and relationships, but also about indexes, triggers, stored proceduresand other database objects.Generating a set of SQL statements according to the created model is a crucial stagein the project. Data Modeler offers several methods of data generation: all objects, only new objects,recreate, etc. Also, the program allows you to select only part of objects or their groups forgeneration. The program supports DBMS-dependent templates for SQL statements in order to ensure maximal flexibilityand the support of SQL dialects.Data Modeler is a visual tool. It supports the classic IDEF1X notation for datamodeling. DTM Data Modeler is distributed electronically over the Internet; free demo version is available atwww.sqledit.com/dm for evaluation.DTM soft is a well-known software company specializing in developing databaseprocessing and reporting utilities. The company signature is remarkable simplicity and efficiency of all software titlesDTM soft has developed and released. DTM Data Modeler is the latest addition to the company 's databaseprocessing software product line that includes titles like DTM Data Generator, DTM Schema Reporter, DTM DataEditor, DTM Migration Kit, etc. More information about these products can be found atwww.sqledit.com
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