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Released on: 31, December 1969
, Author: Deitel & Associates, Inc.
, Audience: Internet related

Maynard, Massachusetts, September 21, 2007 Best-selling authorsPaul Deitel and Harvey Deitel have released Dive Into Web 2.0 a free eBook thatindustry experts and academics are praising as one of the best references availableon Web 2.0. It is a broad introduction to the Web 2.0 phenomenon, covering themajor players and technology platforms, says Eric Lawrence of Microsoft. Itintroduces the principles, applications, technologies, companies, business modelsand monetization strategies of Web 2.0. Dive Into Web 2.0, along with the free Resource Centers on our website, evolvedfrom research we ve done to build our own Web 2.0 businesses, said Abbey Deitel,President of Deitel & Associates, Inc. In the spirit of Web 2.0, we re sharing thisresearch with the community. We hope it becomes a launching point for students,entrepreneurs and anyone interested in the next generation of e-business. The eBook defines the characteristics of Web 2.0, why search is fundamental to Web2.0 and how Web 2.0 empowers the individual. It discusses the importance ofcollective intelligence and network effects, and the significance and growth ofblogging. It helps readers gain a better understanding of social networking, socialmedia and social bookmarking, and how tagging leads to folksonomies. It alsodiscusses how web services are enabling new applications to be quickly and easily mashed up from existing applications. The eBook provides an overview of Web 2.0technologies, business models and monetization models to help readers understand thefundamentals of what comprises a Web 2.0 business. The eBook is heavily linked to many resources, including Deitel s 80 plus ResourceCenters and over 150 bibliography references for further research. It does a greatjob in capturing the key Web 2.0 elements with a wonderful breadth of example sitesand a substantial number of references that makes it a great jumping-off point tofurther reading, said George Semeczko of Royal & SunAlliance Insurance Canada.Academic and industry professionals have praised Dive Into Web 2.0. Kevin Henriksonof Zimbra, an open source messaging and collaboration company, said that Dive IntoWeb 2.0 provides an excellent overview of the state of the web and how we got toWeb 2.0. It is simply astonishing. It s one of the better if not thebest references on Web 2.0, according to Jos Antonio Gonz lez Seco of Parlamentode Andalucia. Raymond Wisman of Indiana University Southeast agrees that Dive IntoWeb 2.0 is required reading a true goldmine of information. For further information about Deitel & Associates, the free Dive Into Web 2.0 eBook,or Deitel s Resource Centers, contact Abbey Deitel or eBook/. About Deitel & Associates Inc.: Deitel & Associates, Inc., is an internationally recognized corporate training andcontent-creation organization specializing in computer programming languages,Internet and World Wide Web software technology, object technology education andInternet business development through its Web 2.0 Internet Business Initiative. Thecompany provides instructor-led courses on major programming languages andplatforms, including Java, C++, C, C#, Visual C++, Visual Basic, XML, objecttechnology and Internet and web programming. The company s clients include many ofthe world s largest companies, government agencies, branches of the military, andacademic institutions. Through its 30-year publishing partnership with PrenticeHall, Deitel & Associates, Inc. publishes leading-edge programming textbooks,professional books, interactive multimedia Cyber Classrooms, web-based trainingcourses and e-content. Contact:Abbey Deitel, PresidentDeitel & Associates Inc.978-823-0130
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