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Released on: 27, April 2007
, Author: Stacey Osborne
, Audience: Internet related

New York, 04/27/07 Dexcor.Com, has announced a newenhancement to its Web-based email product short message service (SMS) integration,also called text-messaging service. The new feature lets subscribers to Dexcor sWeb-based email instantly send text messages, as well as standard email. All customers get free complete email ($9.99/yr value!) with new domainregistrations, transfers and renewals. It is fraud, spam and virus protected(essential for small businesses) and 25MB total storage. With the texting feature now in Dexcor.Com s webmail, moms can instantly sendreminder emails to kids and text them at the same time so they don t forgethomework. Sports fans can catch the latest scores and chide their friends who are atthe game. All of this from your desktop which means no clumsy thumbing in messageson your wireless phone anymore. Here s how it works: Customers can access their Web-based email accounts as theyalways have, but now a drop-down menu gives an option to select email only, textmessage only or both. A simple cell phone field in the user s address book drivesthe feature. In addition, Dexcor.Com includes a function that allows users to keepwithin the 160 character limit required by cell phone carriers for text messages. For more information about Dexcor.Com email products and promotional offers, visit Dexcor.Com is a leading provider of comprehensive online products and services toconsumers and businesses worldwide. Specializing in web hosting and domain nameregistration, the company is located in Queensbury, New York and Scottsdale,Arizona. With many customers in many countries, Dexcor.Com has defined value andexcellence in Internet services for over 5 years. For more information please visitonline at
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