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Released on: 25, June 2007
, Author: Dotcom-Monitor -- A Website Monitoring Company
, Audience: Internet related

PLYMOUTH, MN (06/26/2007) Dotcom-Monitor, the leader andinnovator in advanced website monitoring services, today announced the debut of itsnew monitoring station in Texas, United States. The station, one of eleven owned andoperated by Dotcom-Monitor around the world, creates an even greater degree ofassurance for the company 's e-business, Internet Service Provider (ISP) andApplication Service Provider (ASP) clients that their Internet services areperforming at maximum effectiveness.Dotcom-Monitor , since its founding in 1998, has grown to become a pioneer inInternet and website Quality of Service (QoS) assurance. The company 's success isthe result of its sophisticated monitoring and analytical capabilities that go farbeyond typical connectivity tests. Dotcom-Monitor 's checks include such detailedprocedures as server response reading, content error analysis, and performancemeasurement; pricing begins at just $9.99 per month for single site monitoring,making Dotcom-Monitor 's services within reach of even the most modest e-businesses. "Internet performance for online businesses can be extremely deceptive. A website or Internet access, in the case of ISPs can be perfect over a browser at the homeoffice, yet unacceptably slow or even non-existent in other regions, " said VadimMazo, founder and chief technical officer of Dotcom-Monitor. "Our new monitoringstation in Texas gives our clients additional peace of mind that their Internetbusinesses are running as planned around the world. If not, we can provide analysisregarding specific performance problems. "In addition to its newest monitoring point, Dotcom-Monitor maintains stations thatspan all the continents and cover multiple countries. The round-the-clock serviceincludes automatic client notification via phone, pager, or email wheneverperformance deviates from pre-established norms.Application, Network AssuranceFor any business that depends on the Internet for its success, Dotcom-Monitor is ahighly cost-effective "performance insurance policy ". Application monitoring,network monitoring, and website load testing are just some of the e-businessservices provided by the company; by employing Dotcom-Monitor 's offerings, companiescan easily and inexpensively validate QoS and SLA (Service Level Agreement)requirements.Dotc om-Monitor provides extensive reporting in real-time using graphical charts thatexplain success/failure rates for specific performance checks, response/downloadtimes, uptime/downtime, load variations by hour/day/week and much more. Fore-commerce sites, Dotcom-Monitor will measure quality of service for each phase ofthe transaction process as well as performance comparisons among differentgeographic areas.Free 30-Day TrialDotcom-Monitor offers a free 30-day trial of its website monitoring services for asingle website. For a full description of the company 's services and pricingoptions, visit .About Dotcom-Monitor:Dotcom-Monitor is the leader and innovator in advanced website monitoring services.Since its birth in 1998, Dotcom-Monitor has saved over 2,000 companies money byinsuring maximum website uptime at a cost up to 50% less than other services.Dotcom-Monitor watches businesses from the outside by simulating real-world,end-user actions. The company ensures that clients are open for business around theworld, 24 hours a day. No additional or no hardware is required to useDotcom-Monitor 's services. For more about Dotcom-Monitor, go .
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