Drawing Day 2008 - Worldwide art event June 7

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Released on: 31, December 1969
, Author: Mick Gow / DrawingDay.org
, Audience: Internet related

Seattle, WA. June 6, 2008 -- Artists and illustrators aregetting creative to bring attention to their art. Web 2.0 sites have now become thetool of choice to showcase art online. Websites such as Facebook, YouTube , Flickr ,deviantART and RateMyDrawings.com help bring artists together, but is it enough?Artist and designer, Mick Gow thinks more can be done to encourage this new way ofshowcasing art, so Drawing Day was born. Drawing Day http://www.drawingday.org[dra wingday.org] is an annual event that uses social networking to encourage allartists and illustrators to submit art online.Drawing Day 2008 is June 7th this year. "It 's time artists embraced socialnetworking as a way to showcase their art, " says Gow. 1 million drawings submittedto various social networking websites in one day is this year 's lofty target, butGow thinks it 's achievable. "1 million drawings for our first year of this event mayseem hard to imagine. Artists always dream big, so are we, " he expresses. It 's aboutartists forming a unified front to remind the world how important art is. Whether aperson is a professional illustrator or simply enjoys the occasional scribble,Drawing Day is one way to give a little back to the illustration community.It is completely free and simple to get involved. Drawings can be created via anygraphics software or by simply scanning drawings created on paper. Participants thensubmit these drawings to one of several social networking websites listed athttp://www.drawingday.org/ [drawingday.org] . Some artists are even recording videosof themselves drawing and posting them on YouTube. Participants are then encouragedto spread the word, getting others to submit drawings on the day. The website alsooffers tools to help spread the word, such as banners and buttons to place on yourwebsite or blog. In a world where computer-generated replaces handmade, people often take creativityand artistic skill for granted. Drawing Day hopes to change this perspective byreminding people of the joy of drawing, regardless of their artistic ability.If you 'd like more information about Drawing Day 2008 or want to learn more aboutgetting your social networking website involved, contact Mick Gow or visithttp://www.drawingday.or gContact:Mick Gow,drawingday.org###
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