Enkord announces Clash N Slash - Worlds Away

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Released on: 24, May 2006
, Author: VGSmart
, Audience: Computers related

May 25th 2006- Enkord, www.enkord.com, is proud to announce therelease of Clash N Slash: Worlds Away, a sequel to highly addictive arcade spaceshooter where players must defend the planet from aliens with a variety of spacebased weapons and power-ups. In Worlds Away, like in original Clash N Slash, you must defend your planet frompesky alien invaders that will arrive from all around the galaxy. This time alienhordes are more diverse and clever featuring more than 70 enemy types and 12 hugebosses. But worry not as there are two brave heroes on your side! Barry Barnes(codename: Clash) and Liz Valentine (codename: Slash) are there to help you and savehumanity. There are eight different planets that have to be saved and there areloads of weapons, upgrades, and power-ups to make your gaming process versatile andfun. In the end there are three difficulty settings and survival mode to satisfyboth novice and hardcore players. It s been more than a year since original Clash N Slash was released and we are soproud to present a sequel said Yaroslav Yanovsky, CEO of Enkord. Clash N Slash:Worlds Away became much better than original in every way. It has funny story, lotsof improvements and content, but most importantly it s the same fun for the wholefamily to enjoy! Clash N Slash: Worlds Away runs under Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/2003 and the fullversion features over 70 thrilling levels, 19 awesome weapons, over 70 enemy types,17 unique power-ups, 12 bosses, 2 game modes, free game updates and technicalsupport.The trial version of Clash N Slash: Worlds Away, can be securely downloaded free ofcharge at http://www.enkord.com/About EnkordFounded in 2003, Enkord is a team of software developers, artists and musicians whoare dedicated to producing simple and addictive games, distinguished for all-newgameplay, innovative mechanics and high playability. Visit www.enkord.com for moreinformation.
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