Entertainment Industry Using Voice Changing Software for Creating New Content

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Released on: 12, May 2006
, Author: Screaming Bee LLC
, Audience: Software related

Middleton, WI (5/12/06) - Screaming Bee LLC releases a newversion of its MorphVOX voice-changing software with a Voice Content Creation Module(VCCM). The new module provides game and entertainment producers with a tool foreasily creating voice content for online games and animations. As a result, studiosthat use this tool can save time and potentially thousands of dollars by enhancingor creating multiple voices from existing stock audio or a single voice talent. "You can use your own voice to make it more distinctive or create a whole range ofnew narrators for your videos, explains Shawn Pourchot, the President of ScreamingBee. VCCM lets producers create voice content by using existing audio files or byrecording new content from within MorphVOX. The following are examples of game andentertainment producers who have already tapped into this capability:An avid multiplayer gamer is producing his own videos from screen captures of hisgame play. He is creating multiple voices to narrate how he defeated a monster orhow to get into certain rooms.A one-woman 3D animation shop is creating unique voices for each of the charactersusing just her voice.A producer of a CD for English as a second language is creating different voices foreach speaker in a lesson.Finding voice talent can be both time-consuming and expensive. MorphVOX provides asolution for customers that are on a tight budget, but need quality content. Mark Ramirez, CEO of Screaming Bee adds, VCCM will definitely meet the needs of anumber producers and studios faced with deadlines and limited resources. We reseeing more and more people looking to MorphVOX as an inexpensive way to createquality voice-overs. About Screaming Bee LLC Provider of voice software and solutions for online gamesand messenger-related applications. For more information regarding our products,including MorphVOX, please visit our site at http://www.screamingbee.com.
Source: Express-Press-Release.com
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