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Released on: 15, February 2007
, Author: Lary Stucker
, Audience: Internet related

Orange, CA- February 5, 2007- Epic Underground, a communitybased media company that allows the action-sports community to share original videosthrough the Web, has launched its new service that allows people to watch, upload, ashare videos clips and create a complete community around action-sports. As more people capture action-sports videos through digital cameras, mobile phonesand other devices, EpicUnderground makes it easy to broadcast those experiencesworldwide. With the nature of Action-sport s it is difficult to post a video to YouTubewithout having a lot of artifacts and poor video experience, said Dave Johnson,co-founder of EpicUnderground. We ve created a system built specifically for fastpasted videos typically found our industry. Share Your EpicUnderground Experiences EverywhereOnce someone posts their videos are on EpicUndergound.com they can share themanywhere, through www.EpicUnderground.com or anywhere else on the Web. UsingEpicUnderground s embedded video feature users can post their videos into theirMyspace, or facebook accounts, their personal webpage, or any space on the web.Upload Your Videos and Win.Not only is Epic committed to creating a place for the action-sports community theyare also committed to hooking them up. From cash prizes to product giveawayswww.EpicUnderground. com is constantly looking for new ways to give away prizes. Free MembershipIt is easy to create a free personal www.EpicUnderground.com account. There are nolimits on the amount of storage space and twice the upload limit of YouTube. Sharevideos with friends, family and even potential Sponsors. Members can broadcasttrailers of their latest video production or their last session. Go sign-up for anaccount and Show the World! If you would like more information regarding marketing your video releases on theEpicUnderground.com or would like information on marketing opportunities pleasecontact Lary Stucker lary@epiccam.com , 714-319-5492
Source: Express-Press-Release.com
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