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Released on: 16, June 2006
, Author: Eurotech S.p.a.
, Audience: Computers related

Amaro (Udine, Italy) The Eurotech Passenger Counter,featuring highly accurate stereoscopic cameras integrated within a robust andlightweight extruded aluminium enclosure, can be considered one of the most reliablesolutions available on the market for passenger counting operations.The Passenger Counter meets the environmental specifications of EN51055 T1 up toIP65 protection class.Software interfacing is simple: a standard RS-485 serial port is used to communicatedata to and from the Passenger Counter.The device can be easily and unobtrusively installed in the doorways of buses, tramsand trains. It can also be used over gateways, corridors or turnstiles.The Passenger Counter incorporates an isolated digital I/O port that can be used tointerface with external devices.The integrated stereoscopic cameras capture images of the area below the device inany kind of lighting conditions; the Passenger Counter can determine (with anaccuracy of greater than 97%) if objects passing the detection area are peopleentering or leaving. If people are detected, the incoming or outgoing counters areincremented accordingly, along with time and date information.The system can be easily configured and adapted to different applications andinstallations.ABOUT EUROTECH SpA:Eurotech ( is a leader in the innovative design anddevelopment of high performance digital systems. Standard or customer specificsolutions are based on Eurotech competence in NanoPC technology.ABOUT THE EUROTECH GROUP:The Eurotech Group recently strengthened its position in the global embedded-PCmarket and has extended its product range with a focus on standard system solutions.The Eurotech Group ( is a global family of leading edgetechnology companies covering the most important and active market areas acrossthree continents. With operations in Europe, North America and Asia, the Groupserves the industrial, transportation, defense, security, aerospace, utilities, andresearch markets.The Eurotech Group includes Eurotech in Italy, Finland and France( /, ,Parvus in USA (, Arcom in UK & USA ( aswell as Neuricam (, Exadron (,Asce nsit ( and IPS ( in Italy.Contact details:Eurotech S.p.a.Via Jacopo Linussio 133020 AMARO (Udine) ITALYTel: +39.0433.485411Fax: +39.0433.485499Website: :
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