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Released on: 7, December 2006
, Author: FSPro Labs
, Audience: Software related

For immediate releaseDecember 6, 2006Contact: Michael KarsyanCompany: FSPro LabsTitle: Chief Executive OfficerE-mail: sales@fspro.netEvent Log Explorer: A New Tool to Monitor Event Logs in the Most Convenient andEffective Way! FSPro Labs today announces the first public release of Event Log Explorer, a programfor viewing, monitoring and analyzing events recorded in Security, System,Application and other logs of Microsoft Windows NT/2000/XP/2003 operating systems.It greatly extends standard Windows Event Viewer monitoring functionality and bringsmany new features. Event Log Explorer helps to quickly browse, find and report onproblems, security warnings and all other events that are generated within Windows. Yes, we haven t created something totally new. But that wasn t the task, saysMichael Karsyan, CEO at FSPro Labs. Our main aim was to make the life of systemadministrators, the main potential users of Event Log Explorer, as easy as possibleand that is what we have successfully achieved. With Event Log Explorer log analysisand the results presentation are now much faster and easier. Event Log Explorer alsooffers data export and print out service. Event Log Explorer allows you to view several event logs at the same time and youdon t need to constantly shift between the windows. You also have the description ofeach event without any additional mouse click. All descriptions are at hand in theEvent Description box of your log window. Don 't need to read event descriptions? Just close the box. With Event Log Explorer you can choose any column and sort yourevent list by it - just click on the column header, and your event list will besorted immediately. Click it twice and the event list will be resorted in thebackward direction. You can easily filter events in the list by any criteria. Justuse the Filter command and specify your filter condition. Every filter can be savedinto file - this saves your time when you want to re-apply the filter in future.Event Log Explorer makes it really easy to filter an event log by a single columnvalue. Simply click right mouse button on a cell that will be considered as filtercriteria and you will be prompted to filter on this criteria. With Event LogExplorer you can view event logs on different computers. Additional convenientfeature of Event Log Explorer allows you to add your computers to a tree. Then youcan simply select the desired event log from the desired computer and it will beopened immediately. Unlike standard Windows Event Viewer, Event Log Explorer canprint event logs. If you set a filter before printing, only filtered record will besent to the printer. You may also export your event logs to other formats. At thetime, Event Log Explorer supports export to HTML and tab-separated text files.Event Log Explorer Features at a Glance Multi-document user interface (MDI) to view several event logs at one time Favorites, computers and their logs are grouped into a tree Event descriptions are in the log window Opening event logs saved as event logs files Event list can be sorted by any column and in any direction Archiving event logs Advanced filtering by any criteria including event description text Quick Filter feature allows you to filter event log in a couple of mouse clicks Fast search by any criteria Export log to different formats Sending Event Log to printerPricing and AvailabilityEvent Log Explorer runs under Windows NT/2000/XP/2003.Free personal license is available for personal non-commercial usage. Event Log Explorer is licensed on per-server basis. An evaluation version of Event Log Explorer is available as a free download athttp://www.eventlogxp.com/d ownload/elex.zip (1.24 Mb)About FSPro LabsFSPro Labs is an information technology company. Since its foundation in 2000, FSProLabs has focused on developing privacy protection and access restriction software.In the line of FSPro Labs products stand such bestsellers as Hide Folders XP, CreditCard Knight, Lock My PC and Internet Password Recovery Wizard that combineefficiency with ease of use and low price. For more information about the companyand products, visit http://www.fspro.net/# # #Product page link: http://www.eventlogxp.com/Dow nload link: http://www.eventlogxp.com/down load/elex.zip (1.24)E-mail: sales@fspro.netCompany website: http://www.fspro.net/
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