Fayetteville Company placed on GSA Schedule

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Released on: 6, February 2007
, Author: Jeff Murray
, Audience: Internet related

Fayetteville Company placed on GSA ScheduleFebruary 6, 2007(Fayetteville, NC) Fayetteville-based Environmental Sustainability Group (ESG) hasbeen approved for placement on the General Services Administration s list ofcontractors. By becoming part of the GSA Schedule, ESG is able to directly supplyproducts to federal entities at volume discount pricing, without the need forindividual contracts for each order, because the federal government has alreadynegotiated fair and reasonable pricing. According to the GSA, this allows thegovernment to obtain products and services conveniently, while reducing lead-times,administrative costs, and inventories. More importantly, it gives the governmentthe ability to maintain compliance with various environmental and socioeconomic lawsand regulations. ESG is a young business, and we ve made tremendous strides in educating, supplying,and working with all forms of industry and government to help secure a brighter andgreener future, says Diana Potts-Barber, CEO of ESG. Having GSA approval willmake it easier for our current federal customers to purchase from us, and allows usto expand to agencies we ve not yet been able to service. We re very excited aboutgetting our environmental products on the GSA Schedule, since it is so important forour federal customers. In the month since approval, we have had an overwhelmingresponse and a significant number of orders. Environmental Sustainability Group, Inc. (www.EnvSG.com) was founded inFayetteville, NC as an environmentally-conscious company whose product line promotesa proactive approach to environmental responsibility. That is the cornerstone oftoday s environmental management systems (EMS) for all levels of industry, saysPotts-Barber. We are committed to helping the military, the government, schools,and many other industries achieve viable environmental solutions with the aid of ourproducts, our subsequent follow-up training, and our extensive knowledge in thisfield. " Focusing on minimizing volatile organic compounds, waste water treatment,reduction of hydrocarbons, soil and water restoration, odor control, and pollutionprevention, ESG is leading the way to a cleaner and greener tomorrow.For more information on ESG, please visit www.EnvSG.com or contact DianaPotts-Barber at dpotts@EnvSG.com.
Source: Express-Press-Release.com
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