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Released on: 7, January 2006
, Author: UNGSoft Developers Group
, Audience: Software related

In first days of 2006 UNGSoft Developers Group release newversion of File Security Manager unique and useful program makes NTFS securityavailable in Windows XP Home. With File Security Manager today every Windows XP Homeuser can get permissions editor like Win XP Pro provides. The program can work withuser rights, ownership, effective permissions and has even more power features:Security Wizard, very fast file browser, secure deletion, and permissions assignmentover network. New version contains more convenient Explorer integration, userinterface and core updates, help documentation improvements. Today every Windows XPHome user can manage advanced security settings for files, permissions, andownership, perform other security tasks more easily and faster than XP Pro users.File Security Manager is not just folder locking software it works with NTFSpermissions and security descriptors. That s why it is best file and folderprotection software it provides highest level of security!If you don t know why this program so necessary for Windows XP Home users let sdiscuss: What are differences between windows XP Home and Professional?Main difference is that Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition has no usable tools forperforming security tasks: Access Control feature not included in Windows XP Home Edition, as you can seehere at the Microsoft website in the Windows XP Comparison Guide: owsxp/pro/howtobuy/choosing2.m spx. There are no Security tab in folder (of file) Properties Dialog window, if you useWindows XP Home Edition. And this tab can not be enabled in folder options like whenusing Windows XP Professional Edition. Windows XP Home cacls command line tool and freeware programs isn t suitablesoftware for Access control. Windows XP Home also has other limitations but they are not so significant. Recently we have discovered that there are plug-ins for Windows Explorer andcracking methods which allows you using Windows XP Home with some features ofWindows XP Pro. According to the License Agreement for Windows XP Home their use isillegal and eligible as a piracy because some of them contain copied form Windows XPProfessional distributive (or NT/2000 Server) library and by that such usage breakscopyrights.If Windows XP Home Edition is not allows managing file and folder permissions usingWindows Explorer and any other standard Windows program, how it is possible to useFile Security Manager? The answer is simple: Win XP Home allows other, third-partysoftware to perform any security operations including managing file and folderpermissions.Why It s better to use File Security Manager in comparison with purchasing WindowsXP Professional?Intel-based PCs and especially laptops usually come with Windows XP Home. Win XP Prolicense costs twice more than Windows XP Home Edition. By ordering File SecurityManager you can save your money in comparison with purchasing Windows XPProfessional. UNGSoft s File Security Manager is a program for everyone who uses Windows XP Homeat office, home or laptop. It is suitable for IT professionals, networkadministrators. License type of the program is shareware and you can try it beforeyou buy. Download trial version for free at ex.html.File Security Manager 2006 developed by UNGSoft Developers Group. All rightsreserved. Windows XP Home and Professional are registered trademarks of MicrosoftCorporation.
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