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Released on: 25, August 2006
, Author: Aha-soft
, Audience: Software related

People like beautiful interfaces where features are "up front "and "in their face ". New stock icon collections from Aha-Soft make them that way.September, 2006: Aha-Soft has announced the immediate availability of new IconCollections. These icon sets offer hundreds of sleek, rich-colored icons that canhelp developers create an engaging and intuitive interface for their applicationsand sites. Icon sets include such categories as Business, Toolbar, Database, Money,E-mail, Graphic, Transport, and Security with many more on the way. Icons come in avariety of formats and sizes and distributed on a royalty-free basis from ibs.htm.People like interfaces where features are easily exposed so that a quick look candetermine what this or that icon actually does. The eye-candy factor must also beup. Icon Collections from Aha-Soft provide this competitive edge. Not only are theynice to look at, they are also intuitive, making a user recognize their meaning at aquick glance. Artists at Aha-Soft have put much care into each icon, as a resultthey all look carefully done. You will enjoy their bright palette, smooth andwell-rounded edges. Icons are delivered in a variety of formats, such as ICO, PNG,GIF, BMP and such sizes as 16x16, 24x24, 32x32 and 48x48. They are available in 256colors and in True Color with semi-transparency. What s more, icon formats forWindows Vista are also available with 256x256 size. Icons are so many that anyonecan find something for themselves. However Aha-Soft can custom-design icons if youhave some special requirements or can t find what you need in available collections.Pricing and AvailabilityIcon Collections run under Microsoft Windows 98/NT/Me/XP/Vista and start at $59(USD) for a set. Additional information on Icon Collections is available from htm.About Aha-SoftFounded in 2000, Aha-Soft is an Information Technology company specializing inprofessional icon and cursor design and management software. Aha-Soft is the authorof such popular tools as AhaView, Any to Icon, Icon to Any, ArtCursors, ArtIcons,ArtIcons Pro, IconLover, IconUtils and IconXP. If you would like to get a comment,request a reviewer copy, have a businesses proposal, want to become an authorizedreseller or have any other inquiry, please contact Aha-Soft at more information, please visit the company s web site at E TO EDITORS: Please, let us know if you have questions or would like anyadditional information on Icon Collections. Contact Dmitry Costenco to get more information.Product page link: tmDownload link: tmCompany website: http://aha-soft.comPostal address: Pacific Business Centre, Att: Aha-Soft, #101 - 1001 W. Broadway,Suite 381, Vancouver, BC V6H 4E4, CanadaFax/Phone: +1 (206) 338-6423
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