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Released on: 31, December 1969
, Author: David Purdue / Be One City Inc.
, Audience: Internet related

Los Angeles, CA- Be One City Inc. announces, a new free, social and cultural network for HIV+ gay men is nowonline.Conceived by entertainment and advertising professionals Peter Brook and DavidPurdue, is a technologically cutting edge social networking websitewith a purpose. There has been a paradigm shift within the HIV community: Living with HIV is nolonger just about surviving. With the advances in medication, it s now a manageablechronic condition; we ve switched our focus to living Said Mr. Brook.Unlike most social sites, is also intended to be a cultural center forits members. News stories, art, fiction, video and a blog are all featured on itshomepage. The site s community bulletins and resource listings for the HIV+ man may soon growexponentially. We want the HIV positive community to use us as a nexus, no matterwhere the member may be on the planet, said Mr. Purdue. We believe will become one of the most vibrant lifestyle communities on the web. Based in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Silver Lake, Be One City Inc. was begun byPeter Brook and David Purdue, to fill the void Mr. Brook found online when he becamepositive. The company targets HIV positive men on a local, national and globallevel. The company intends to expand its online services to provide a global HIVpositive sister site within a year that will serve the heterosexual positivecommunity.
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