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Released on: 31, December 1969
, Author: Data Recovery Industry: Software Press Release Summary: Broad data cleaner tool permanently take
, Audience: Software related

Recovery has announced Professional deletion softwarepermanently deletes your secret files from hard drive and pencil disk. This utilitycompletely free your secondary memory from internet explorer history, temporarydownload files and garbage data, allocated in drive bands space. This programremoves your private confidential files and nobody can restore this data again touse. This is un-recoverable solution to delete your secret pictures, information andvideo. Application totally washes cache, auto complete field data, and URL which hasbeen filled before. Tool safe your information to be leaked and important details tobe disclosed. Deep cleanup functionality eliminate temporary system, administration,recycle bin files, system registry files, recent network documents and windows eventlog data from disk buffer and clear used and unused space. Removal tool providesuser friendly graphic user interface that has very high resolution to make itstriking and attractive. Execution at almost windows platform such as Windows NT,ME, XP, Vista, media center 2005 and longhorn is preeminent feature of thissoftware. This utility support all temporary storage media like pen drive, keydrive, pocket zip, flash card, micro and miniature mem-cards. Features: * Thisutility can be run at windows server and used to delete remote computers data. *Help option is given for assisting the end user who is about to use it. * It erasesyour data from root index and unreserved memory buffer. * System generated data isoverwritten on recently cleaned memory so that it can not be accessed by anotheruser. * Tool supports FAT, NTFS and VFAT hard drive partition system. * Thisapplication is available in both destructive and non-destructive wiping. * Programclears your hard drive data to keep your secrecyCompany Details:Company Name: Pictures RecoveryPAD File URL: E: software submission datarecovery.org.i n drorgin-wiper.xmlCompany URl: http://www.datarecovery.org.in Download URL: http://www.datarecovery.org.in /downloads/Secure-Data-Wiper.e xe
Source: Express-Press-Release.com
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