Hiox India offers Online Website Monitoring services to monitor commercial and other websites.

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Released on: 19, May 2009
, Author: geetha
, Audience: Internet related

Hiox India, one of the leading Web Development Company based out of India is now offering online web monitoring services for commercial and other websites through their website 100pulse.com. Speaking at a press conference to announce the launch of the new services Mr. RajeshKumar, the founder & Managing Director of the company said that the customers were looking for reliable and low-cost online web monitoring services. He also said that the services were aimed at webmasters who want their website to be up and running always and also to reduce the cost to company for monitoring individual websites.

100pulse.com monitors the customer s websites for outages based on the protocol http. Nowadays the volume of the business is dependant on how the website of that company is maintained. If a website is slow and the response time is more the visitors opt for other websites, in turn affecting the overall business of the company. So web monitoring services are of utmost importance, to keep a check on the websites downtimes and response times. 100pulse.com offers easy to configure screens for the user, to monitor their websites. Apart from web development the company also offers hosting, domain registration services. However, the company has established very high quality servers ensuring minimum downtime, also staffed with people who are well experienced in all technical aspects of web development.

Mr.RajeshKumar further said that the 100pulse.com reports are generated graphically and emailed to the user, which would help the user to track their websites performance. The report will have the average downtime details. It will also help to evaluate the hosting services offered to the customer. He said that the customers can access their accounts anywhere, with secure data transfer. There is also a provision to add contacts to an account. He said that to monitor two websites, the services are offered free of cost as of now, even though its free the reports generated for these two websites can be sent to multiple contacts.

100pulse.com provides a free trial demo online, where customers can check the functionality of the service offered. There is an option to set the time intervals at which the website has to be monitored that is from 5 minutes to 3 hours. The customer can also set the maintenance schedules for their websites, and specify when the monitoring should be stopped. There is no software installation required. Most of the options can be customized by the customer to their choice. Apart from these, there are some useful tools for the user in 100pulse.com. He said that the customer can post the queries and suggestions to improve the services offered by 100pulse.com. Even there are plans to have additional features like sms alerts, support to more protocols like ftp, smtp, ping, dns, pop3, ssh, imap, mysql servers, etc., and monitoring from multiple global locations to be added in future.

In a post lunch discussion with the media, he was speaking about the importance of website monitoring which should be a part of website promotion plan. Without proper website monitoring the efforts put in site promotion goes vain.

The meet ended with Mr. Rajesh Kumar giving a thanking note to the journalists.

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