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Released on: 31, December 1969
, Author: ImageSkill Industry: Software Press Release Summary: Image denoising Photoshop-compatible plug-i
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immediate release October 19,2007Contact: Dmitry ChernichenkoCompany: ImageSkill Software Ltd. Title: Chief Executive Officer E-mail: ImageSkill Magic Denoiser: Smart noise reduction tool making your photo great.ImageSkill Software has released ImageSkill Magic Denoiser Adobe-compatible plug-infor Windows. It has keen sensitivity in detecting various image features and finedetails preventing them from blurring in the process of noise reduction. The plug-in produces excellent quality results just removing the noise preventing imagefeatures and details unchanged. Using the original software architecture MagicDenoiser performs almost instant noise removing from images. It is indispensable inthe case of low size of digital camera sensor, high ISO setting and long exposures.The plug-in is very useful for denoising of a series of image shots, especially whenthe fixed ISO camera setting and exposure time produced nearly the same noiseappearance in each photo. It allows the user to get the results that are comparableto those obtained with competitive Neat Image and Noise Ninja tools.Features at glance:* Very simple and intuitive user interface with only a few controls * Almost instant image noise reduction* Easy way to create and use the presets for specific noise patterns* Original high-speed denoising algorithms * Performs fine details adjustments* High quality image noise reduction results* Support script (action) feature * 16-bit image support Magic Denoiser processes RGB and Grayscale images with 8 or 16/bits channel. Plug-inhas simple install and uninstall procedures and automatically detects suitablegraphics hosts.Instruction how does the plug-in Magic Denoiser work is available in ImageSkillonline Manual. ImageSkill Magic Denoiser is compatible with Adobe Photoshop andPhotoshop Elements, Macromedia Fireworks, Corel (Jasc) Paint Shop Pro, CorelPainter, Corel Photo-Paint and Microsoft Digital Image Suite etc. ImageSkill MagicDenoiser runs on Microsoft Windows 98/ME/2000/2004/XP/NT3/NT4.The full version of ImageSkill Magic Denoiser is available in English for $29.95including VAT, downloadable from now, we upgrade our products for registered customer free of charge.NOTE TO EDITORS: A free registration key for a review is available upon request.Contact Dmitry Chernichenko at for more information orto request a registration key.Product page: cdenoiser/magicdenoiser.htmlDi rect download link: /magicdenoiser/MagicDenoiserDe _Setup.exeScreenshot:http://ww /md_screenshot.jpg User s Manual (in PDF): cdenoiser/md_manual.pdf About ImageSkill Software Our team works in the image processing area since 1998 year. Over the last sevenyears we have worked for the JASC Software Inc., specializing in creation ofphoto-editing software. (In 2004 JASC was acquired by Corel Corporation). We took anactive and very productive part in developing of the last four versions of theirsoftware (JASC Paint Shop Pro 7, 8, 9, Corel Paint Shop Pro X).###
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