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Released on: 6, December 2005
, Author: eCon Investor Relations
, Audience: Computers related Reports - Mobile Search OpensNew Opportunities for Google, AskMeNow, Microsoft and Changes in Search see Growing Number of Investments Towards Mobile ApplicationsPOINT ROBERTS, Wash., December 6th, 2005 - www.InternetSearchEngineStocks .com(ISES), reports on the growing opportunities within the mobile arena in search andadvertising, exemplified by movements of firms such as Microsoft Corp. (NASDAQ:MSFT), AskMeNow (OTCBB: OWHC -InfoByPhone Corp. d.b.a. AskMeNow, a wholly-ownedsubsidiary of Ocean West Holding Corp.), Google, Inc., and Answers Corporation(NASDAQ: ANSW). In addition, perspectives on the activity with the mobileenvironment are provided by Robert Enderle, President and Principal Analyst of theEnderle Group.Article Excerpt: Mobility, Re-Shaping the World of Search By Ann-Marie Fleming, www.InternetSearchEngineStocks .com November 2005 The mobile arena is heating up as a variety of traditional Internet search firmshave turned their attention to mobile search applications. As this movement picks upfrom companies such as Google, Yahoo! and Microsoft, questions still surroundfeasible revenue models to take advantage of the growing number of mobile users,through innovative search services.There are key differences between the ways that companies provide search services onthe Internet versus a mobile device. While handsets have come a long way in theirlevel of sophistication, the fact remains that screens are small, users areon-the-go and information must be direct. Google is also focused on the mobile behavior as a model to shape their services by. We continue to focus on the best possible user experience in the mobile arena. Inthe last 12 months we have launched a great deal of products focused on easing thecustomer s interactions with the mobile device. The goal is to make sure that usersget content that is relevant as well as formatted for their devices. We do thingssuch as taking sidebar links and putting them appropriately on the face so they donot take up the first ten screens, describes Deep Nishar, Director of ProductManagement. To Read the Full Report Click Here:http://www.InternetSearc bile_Search.asp Featured Company: (ISES is compensated as disclosed in disclaimer) AskMeNow (OTCBB: OWHC) is a revolutionary new service that can answer any questionyou have, anywhere, anytime. Use your cell phone or BlackBerry handheld to ask aquestion through e-mail or a simple phone call and the answer is promptly sent backto your handheld device via text message or e-mail. You can use it to manage yourtime and effort efficiently. Tend to other tasks and avoid the headaches of Internetsearch engines or waiting on hold for an operator while AskMeNow finds theinformation you need. InfoByPhone Corp. d.b.a. AskMeNow, a wholly-owned subsidiaryof Ocean West Holding Corp.For more information on AskMeNow, click here:http://www.internetsearc ult.aspFor recent media coverage of AskMeNow from USA Today, Wall Street Journal and more,click here:http://www.internetsearc aArticles.asp www.InternetSearchEngineStoc, a portal within the contentumbrella, offers investors research, news, blogs, RSS feeds, conferences and linksto public companies within the search engine sector. Our Current Internet SearchEngine Stock List: www.internetsearchenginestocks .com/ISES/Stock_List.aspInve stor Incite s free "Investor Incite " Newsletter consists of company andindustry updates, investment research and developing trends in key areas such asHomeland Security, Renewable Energy, Internet Search and more. TO SIGN UP, click here: s/Newsletter.asp Disclaimer: sclaimer.asp Our sitesdo not make recommendations, but offer information portals to research news,articles, stock lists and recent research. Nothing on our sites should be construedas an offer or solicitation to buy or sell products or securities. We attempt toresearch thoroughly, but we offer no guarantees as to the accuracy of informationpresented. All information relating to featured companies is sourced from publicdocuments and/ or the company and is not the opinion of our web sites. These sitesare currently compensated for by its featured companies - InfoByPhone Corp. d.b.a.AskMeNow, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ocean West Holding Corp: Four thousanddollars per month.For more information Dawn Van Zant 800.665.0411 Ann-Marie Fleming 866.725.2554Email:, or afleming@investorideas.comSo urce: , Microsoft, AskMeNow, Google, Answers Corp
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