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Released on: 12, July 2006
, Author: Alex Tikhonov
, Audience: Software related

Besides being very simple to learn, which is quite anaccomplishment for an engineering software application, DipTrace has a veryintuitive user interface and many innovative features. For instance, a schematic canbe converted to a PCB with one mouse click. The board designer can instantly renewthe PCB from an updated version of the schematic and keep existing placement, routedtraces, board outline, mounting holes and other work. DipTrace has a high qualityautomatic router, superior to many routers included in other PCB layout packages. Itcan route a single layer (bottom side) and multilayer circuit boards, and there isan option to autoroute a single layer board with jumper wires, if required. Smartmanual routing tools allow users to finalize the design and to get the results theywant in a blink of an eye. DipTrace has an accurate shape-based copper pour systemwith different possible fill types and thermals to make plane layer or to reducemanufacturing costs by minimizing the amount of etching solution. Another importantfeature is Design Rule Check (DRC), the function that checks the clearance betweendesign objects, minimum size of tracks and drills, which ensures board accuracy. Anet connectivity check allows users to check all electrical connections and find allbroken nets and their isolated areas. A feature comparing a PCB to a schematic helpsdetect possible design mistakes and correct them before prototyping. Output formatsare DXF, Gerber, N/C Drill and G-code. DipTrace allows users to import DXF files inPCB Layout and Pattern Editor. Standard libraries contain 50.000+ components.While the least expensive software to perform similar functions is likely to costthousands of US Dollars, the unlimited version of DipTrace is available for $695 (USdollars), DipTrace Extended (2000 pins), DipTrace Standard (1000 pins) and DipTraceLite (500 pins) are available for $495 USD, $345 USD and $145 USD, respectively.Also, there is completely free version available for students and hobbyists with 250pins limit! Full-featured 30-Day trial and free version with 250 pins limit areavailable at DipTrace 1.23 is delivered at no charge on CD. It can also be downloaded at nocharge from the company 's website.
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