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Released on: 15, December 2006
, Author: Softvoile
, Audience: Software related

A Useful Tool That Makes Boring and Time-ConsumingRetyping Your Past Softvoile announces today the release of Flashpaste, version 4.1. Flashpaste is apowerful, easily customizable and practical tool to enter frequently used text. Themore the amount of your writing is, the more acute becomes the problem of inevitabletime-loss associated with typing the same phrases over and over. If we take theprofessional sphere, any coder or developer will readily agree that his productcould hit the market much faster if only there was a way to avoid time-consumingretyping. As for home usage just think of all those numerous letters, usually fullof standard phrases. Typing them every time can drive you crazy. Flashpaste is awonderful solution to this problem. The phrases, retyping of which could cause you aheadache before, are now entered only once for future unlimited pasting. The verymoment you start using Flashpaste your productivity shoots up.Flashpaste is not only extremely useful; it is also extremely easy to use. Allyou need is, first, enter the necessary text, frequently used addresses, e-mail textblocks, HTML codes, words, phrases and paragraphs, and then specify the coverstring that will represent this text in the Flashpaste popup list. After this iscompleted, any time you need to enter your pre-defined phrase, you just press thehot key (you specify it in the program dialog) and select the necessary line fromthe popup list. To select the line you can also type its first symbols or simplygive it a mouse click. Flashpaste can also be used to create macros, strings thatare either replaced or processed by an application. Using macros allows you to pastethe current time and date, insert the commands emulating pressing the Tab or Enterkeys, and more. This is really powerful, because the macros form their content atthe moment of usage (the moment of copying to clipboard), so they always provideup-to-date information on time, date, etc. Besides, the program conveniently recordsyour clipboard history. Unlike the standard Windows clipboard, Flashpaste is notlimited to the last copied text segment, it helpfully records several recentlycopied words, numbers and phrases for you to reuse them in future any time you need.This feature saves a lot of your precious time by allowing you to refer to the textfragments saved in your clipboard history instead of repeatedly copying and pastingthem, which makes it a real must-have for software developers and writers. The new version of Flashpaste features several useful improvements. Now you may use formated text in your strings. You can immediatly paste bold, italic or colored textand tables. Flashpaste also supports unicode. Do you want to paste foreign textcorrectly? Now you can. Get all power of Flashpaste Professional now!Flashpaste Benefits at a Glance:Text storage organized into categories - organize your frequently used texts andstore them as templates in the user-defined categoriesProductivity tool - you enter the necessary text once and use them over and over!Paste your text using hotkeysClipboard history saves your time by keeping in stock the text fragments you haverecently usedNo accidental data loss guaranteed by backup feature
Source: Express-Press-Release.com
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