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Released on: 18, October 2006
, Author: Real Bouthillette advance2000.globaltravel.com
, Audience: Internet related

"LOCAL TRAVEL AGENT IS CHANGING THE INDUSTRY "Real Bouthillette Gatineau QcLOCAL TRAVEL AGENT IS CHANGING THE INDUSTRY Real Bouthillette enjoys traveling so much, he decided to become a GTI IndependentTravel Agent to support his increasingly costly habit.Bouthillette is not your traditional travel agent, however. he works as aConstuction employee during the week, and then works part-time earning additionalincome as an Independent Travel Agent for Global Travel International, Inc. (GTI),based in Maitland, Florida. Bouthillette simply refers his friends, family membersand virtually anyone that s traveling to GTI and their professional staff do all thework. Then, Bouthillette gets paid.By joining the ranks of more than 35,000 GTI Independent Travel Agents worldwide,Bouthillette and his referrals are able to not only book the most competitive rates,but Bouthillette also earns travel commissions from his bookings as well as hisreferrals bookings.This innovative concept in selling travel is radically changing the travel industry.In much the same fashion that Wal-Mart and Charles Schwab revolutionized theirrespective markets, GTI is able to sell travel through its GTI Independent TravelAgents at a lower cost. The reason? High sales volume. With tens of thousands ofIndependent Travel Agents, GTI sells over $100 million in travel per year, andthat s why industry experts are touting GTI Independent Travel Agents likeBouthillette as the twenty-first century s new definition of a travel agent.About Global Travel InternationalGlobal Travel International (GTI) is a privately owned, Maitland, Florida-basedtravel company that provides all of the necessary resources for anyone to become anIndependent Travel Agent. By redefining the traveler as a travel agent, GTI offerspersonalized service, travel discounts and opportunities for consumers to earnincome by booking travel for their friends, family and business associates. GTI specializes in cruises, vacation packages, business travel, group and incentivetrips and more, which is channeled through its of tens of thousands of IndependentTravel Agents Worldwide. GTI 's Independent Travel Agents can earn commissions on thetravel that they book. In addition, they enjoy upgrades and discounts - up to 50percent off - on their own travel. Now in its 12th year, GTI has surpassed $100million in annual travel sales. For more information on GTI, visit http://advance2000.globaltrav el.comhttp://www.globaltravel .com/home/default.aspx?TabID
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