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Released on: 29, November 2006
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For Immediate ReleaseCompany: Lamantine SoftwareTitle: Public Relations ManagerEmail: press@stickypassword.comAs Chaplin Information Services (CIS) reports on 21 Nov, 2006 - Mozilla Firefox andInternet Explorer web browsers exposes saved passwords to clever attackers. Thisvulnerability named a Reverse Cross-Site Request (RCSR). This flaw affects all userswho use built-in password managers in Firefox and Internet Explorer. Mozilla hasconfirmed this as bug number 360493, and said they are already working on a fix forversion or, but there is no any positive feedback from Microsoft.Sticky Password developers have carefully investigated this vulnerability and claimsthat latest version protects stored password and login information from RCRSattacks.Sticky Password is most protected portable password manager. Its Password Protectorfeature constantly watches on how the password used on the computer. It works likefirewall and will display notifications if some application will try to retrievepasswords from another application. Password Protector also watches forinter-process communications, so it is very effective to prevent keylogger andtrojan-horse attacks at home and in dangerous environments like internet caf orcomputer class.Sticky Password remembers and automatically fills login and password fields for anycomputer program including popular web browsers - Internet Explorer and MozillaFirefox. Its intelligent features save time to access the passwords and protectsagainst phishing.Detailed information about anti-phishing features can be found at:http://www.stickypassword. com/sticky-password-anti-phish ing.htmlFor a limited time, Sticky Password is available at www.stickypassword.comfor free evaluation. The cost of purchasing software is 24.95 US DollarsIf you would like to get a comment, request a reviewer copy, have a businessesproposal, want to become an authorized reseller or have any other inquiry, pleasecontact Sticky Password developers at press@stickypassword.comSys tem Requirements:Windows 9x/2000/XP/2003Company:Lama ntine SoftwareProduct Page:http://www.stickypasswor d.comDownload: Screenshot:http://www.stick nshot.gifBuy:http://www.sti
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