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Released on: 15, March 2011
, Author: Glen turner
, Audience: Software related

Noida, 7 March 2011, Lepide Software Pvt. Ltd. feels immense pride in announcing the release of updated versions of Employee Desktop Live Viewer. Updates are done in Employee Desktop Live Viewer software to comply with latest technological changes. The revised version of the software is equipped with more user-friendly interface that makes monitoring users desktop activities not only fast but effective and impeccable.

Employee Desktop Live Viewer is the best tool for the employers, who are facing issues like reduced output, reduced Return on Investment (ROI), theft of crucial information, etc. The software provides live desktop view of the activities going on employees desktop that helps the employer or monitoring authority to find the employee(s) transferring organizational information to competitors, employees wasting time on Internet, spending time in watching movies online, surfing social websites etc..

What s new in Employee Desktop Live Viewer?

The enhanced version of Employee Desktop Live Viewer is now capable to monitor multiple computers in real-time without considering which operating system is installed at the target computer. The software helps organizations to keep close watch on employees activities without letting them know that they are being watched. The improved version of Employee Desktop Live Viewer now produces more effective output in real time. For more details, please visit:

Listed below are the enhancements done in the revised version of Employee Desktop Live Viewer:
Better speed: With some minor changes done in the monitoring speed, the software can now audit desktop activities going on 1000s of computers without taking their operating systems into consideration. This means, the monitoring speed remains same for Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003, and Windows 2000. Employee Desktop Live Viewer captures every desktop activity in real time and displays the same at auditor s computer.

Dual Monitor Auditing: The improved version of Employee Desktop Live Viewer now allows monitoring computers having dual monitors, which means the activities going on both monitors of a computer can be audited in real-time.

Free Version Enhancements: The revised version of Employee Desktop Live Viewer offers five minutes recording in free trial version along with other benefits of the free evaluation version.
With these enhancements, Employee Desktop Live Viewer will definitely provide its users with more pleased experience and outputs beyond expectation.

About the company

Lepide Software Pvt. Ltd. is a product development company that specializes in providing data recovery solutions for both enterprise and home users. Set up in the year 2004, Lepide Software Pvt. Ltd. has since released many best-selling data recovery tools and has registered growth at the rate of 200 percent annually for the same period. You can visit : for more details.

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